Field trips are a fundamental part of our Intensive English program. Going out and doing everyday things allows students to put into practice what they learned in the classroom.


Our level 2 students took a tour through the historic parts of Boston last week. Beginning at the Boston Common, the students got to see Hank Williams’ sculptural tribute to Martin Luther King  “The Embrace.” As the night continued, the students walked through the winding streets of downtown, passing Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and the Boston City Hall, before finishing the night in the historic North End neighborhood with some sweet treats at Modern Pastry. A fun night for students and teachers alike! 


ISAL has so many fantastic students! A familiar face in the evening is Eugene Glukhov. Eugene has been a student at ISAL since October 2022. He has shown tremendous improvement over the years and his dedication toward improvement is abundantly clear to anyone who has been in class with him. Along with studying English, his passions include broadcast radio, and business. He is working hard to improve his English skills to help with his IT business.


Our students showed off their singing skills at Stage Karaoke in Allston! We all know that English can be difficult to read and words can be difficult to pronounce. Singing a song that you are familiar with is a great way to practice English and learn phrases and expressions that you may not be familiar with. The best part is that you don’t need to sing well to have a great time! 


Physical challenges are difficult no matter who you are, but when you need to combine problem solving, physicality, logic, and communication skills all together, you’re up for an even bigger challenge. Now imagine doing all of this in a second language! That is what our students did at Level 99. What a great and fun way to put your English skills to the test!


The last day of the session at ISAL was a blast!
We had so much fun and it was incredibly creative. As a symbol of the upcoming holidays, we had a gingerbread house decorating contest the atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter as we showed off our artistic skills.
But as always, friendship, creativity, and good vibes were the ultimate winners.
Can’t wait for the next session at ISAL!